vignette: noun vi·gnette \vin-ˈyet\ 

a small decorative design or picture so placed.

I'm Shannon Cahill and I dream in vignettes. Can't help it...I'm obsessed.

It's the finishing touches and the small yet significant details that make a house a home. Each piece of art and each object thoughtfully placed creates harmony and tells the story of the home and those who reside within. 

As a mother of four children living in a 125 year old Victorian, I have spent the greater part of the last decade creating a home that reflects our family life and personality--with a focus on the unique and unexpected.  And now art/en/object allows me to bring my passion for interiors and eye for quality and timeless decor outside of my own home and into yours. You can expect a highly individualized "boutique" service that works with and values your own aesthetic while offering a fresh perspective. With access to a broad range of local art and artists, as well as an ever changing inventory of highly curated furnishings and decor, I can offer you the "just right" finishing touches to create your own home's story.