“And when all else has gone, art remains."
A God In Ruins

​Interior by 2to5 Design; art placement by Art en Object

Art Consulting
While perhaps one of the least utilitarian furnishings in the home, art is often the most personal and special.  What is on your walls should resonate, and bring you joy — every day. We help our clients (and their designers) to meet this goal by assisting them in acquiring art that is a reflection of their unique style and taste.

The manner in which we work with clients is highly personalized—meaning that it is a custom process whether you are interested in just one piece of art or art for the entire house. Selecting original art for your home should be an enjoyable, organic, and enlightening process; and we work closely with our clients to make that happen. Art services include consultation, procurement, and placement with a focus on original pieces from emerging, mid-career and established artists from Chicagoland and the midwest, as well as talent from across the U.S. and internationally. 

The availability of original art via galleries, auctions and the Internet has exploded over the last few years but navigating these sites and selecting pieces can quickly become a "rabbit hole" of confusion and uncertainty. Established relationships with local galleries as well as direct experience with on-line art auction houses and sales sites allows us to assist clients in finding art pieces to start (or add to) their collection, with special attention on curating pieces that "work & play well together". 

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