“You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

Making a great first impression is critical to selling your home. You love your home, so it can be hard to see it through a buyer’s eyes. That’s where home staging services come into play. Staging will emphasize a home’s space and functionality to bring out the best in a home and help it sell faster.

At consultation I'll give suggestions of what preparations are necessary to ready the property for selling in today’s market. This often includes things such as de-cluttering, repainting, and moving or bringing in furniture. Following the initial walk-through, I'll provide a detailed report, room by room, of the priorities I believe will make the home most appealing to a range of potential buyers.

Upon review of the written report, I can help you stage your home using only your furniture and accessories or supplementing small furniture, lighting and/or accessories from my staging inventory to achieve the desired effect.