Shannon Cahill 

Shannon Cahill started Art en Object in 2014 as a natural extension of her personal connection to art and design. As a mother of four children living in a 125-year-old Victorian that required some TLC, Shannon spent the greater part of the last decade creating a home that reflected her family life and personality--with a focus on unique, and sometimes unexpected, art and art placement. Turning her passion into a business allowed Shannon to bring her keen eye for quality and timeless art outside of her own home and into her clients. She offers a highly individualized "boutique" service that respects and works within the client aesthetic, vision, budget, and timeframe.

Shannon uniquely combines her personal love of art with her 15+ year professional background in qualitative research by employing focused observation of her clients' surroundings; by asking the right questions to assess her clients' art needs; and, by educating them about art options in an approachable and transparent way. Shannon's discerning eye for balance, function and scale allows her to work within the comfort zone of her clients, while offering a fresh perspective. 

"It's the finishing touches and the small yet significant details that make a house a home. For example, each piece of art and each object thoughtfully placed creates harmony and tells the story of the home and those who reside within. My job is to help my clients create their story."

In her free time, Shannon can be found staring at the bold black line at the bottom of the pool trying to perfect her free-style catch; up in her studio ("the nest") trying to perfect her own artistic aspirations; or standing at her stove trying to perfect the latest recipe from her NYTimes Cooking app.