I can honestly say that my one hour with Shannon was the most productive one hour consultation I have ever had! I stated my decorating conundrum and she calmly, incisively went to work on the problem.

One of the things I particularly appreciate is Shannon's rare ability to work with a variety of styles and understand the character that her client is trying to achieve in a room. She is able to work with a broad variety of traditions and references and pull them together to make the eclecticism work. In one hour, she solved my conundrum and cracked the code of the room! 

For the next week, I would wake up and look in amazement at how a few  small adjustments transformed an entire space. She found space and air where there had been blockage, while maintaining the functionality of the rooms. Shannon has a real gift and I can only highly recommend her for future decorating puzzles and projects.

- Interior Styling Client

I have to say that I loved coming downstairs this morning and seeing everything hung on the wall. I love each of the pieces and am absolutely thrilled how it all worked out. 

Thank you for all of your help with everything! You made this process so 'doable' and fun. It was truly a pleasure to work with you!

- Art Advising Client

Shannon is my go to when it comes to art and art placement because she combines a classic style but is willing to add some statement to a space to make it mine.  I appreciate that she gives me ideas at various price points and is open when I want to search for the type of piece she envisions.  I am thrilled with the comfortable, sophisticated and personalized space we are creating.

- Art & Interior Styling Client

What they are saying...

Shannon has an incredible eye and an impressive arsenal of local artists working in multiple mediums. She always knows just what a space needs in terms of scale and vibe and her contributions are the perfect crowning touch to a room.

- Art Advising Client

I sell real estate and staging is an incredibly important part of what we do. Shannon is my secret weapon. Every house looks beautiful once she has had a chance to work her magic, and art placement is always a challenge when trying to get the best shots of the rooms for marketing. I can’t tell you how many times a client has said: “I wish you had done this while we were still living here.” Okay, it’s every time. She is a delight to work with and very talented. She has helped me personally and every one of my clients. I love working with her.

- Realtor, Staging Services